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The Characteristics Of High-quality Mold Parts

Dec. 02, 2017

In the purchase of mold parts should have a certain standard of judgment, with what characteristics of the product can be called high-quality mold parts? Generally the quality mold parts contain the following characteristics: 

First, wear resistance

Mold parts are tools used to mold the billet, which is prone to wear in friction with the billet. Therefore, wear-resistant mold material is one of the most basic performance, only wear-resistant can be called a good quality mold parts. 

Second, the toughness

Mold environment is usually harsh and in the production of mold need to withstand greater impact load. Mold parts if the toughness is too low will lead to fracture at work, so the mold needs to have high strength and toughness. 

Third, high temperature resistance

Sales of leading mold parts often have high temperature resistance, because when the mold work temperature is high, if the high temperature resistance of mold parts will result in poor plastic deformation failure. Therefore, mold parts should have a strong high temperature in order to ensure the use of high temperature still maintain the accuracy of the mold parts. 

Fourth, resistant to alternating hot and cold

Some special mold in the process of repeated heating and cooling process, so in the selection of mold parts should be resistant to alternating hot and cold mold parts, the billet can continue to carry out hot and cold exchange of mold parts Hardness and dimensional accuracy, to avoid the occurrence of plastic deformation. 

High-quality mold parts should be able to maintain its accuracy and hardness in use, so high-quality mold parts should be wear resistance, high temperature resistance and resistance to hot and cold alternating, and only with these properties of the mold parts to become the leading sales of the mold Accessories, these characteristics are also used to evaluate the quality of a mold parts quality evaluation criteria.

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