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The Maintenance Methods For Mold Standard Parts

Dec. 04, 2017

This mold is specially used as a tool for forming products is already very familiar to people, and the use of mold standard parts in modern society is very extensive, but also particularly important accessories, specialization and personalization is very Strong, so need to take special maintenance measures, then the most professional mold standard parts maintenance should be done?

First, pay attention to the surface of the maintenance, keep the surface clean

Mold standard parts is very delicate and precise parts, usually must pay attention to the maintenance of its surface, a comprehensive inspection, gently wipe the surface of parts, especially the main part of the guide structure, the surface to be wiped clean, to maintain a certain Cleanliness, and also to clean up the plastic box waste, in addition, to maintain clean and tidy environment is also particularly important. 

Second, check the fasteners and oil regularly

For the maintenance of standard parts mold should also be carried out on its various parts of a detailed inspection, some safety parts of the inspection is particularly important, such as safety and safety screws and other safety screws need to be carefully checked for some fasteners in a timely manner to ensure that Safely tightened without loosening and lubricated to ensure normal and precise work between parts.

Third, pay attention to flexible parts and materials and unloading parts of the maintenance

Some flexible parts need regular and timely inspection to avoid deformation and fracture phenomenon, if necessary, should be based on spring specifications and models, from the color diameter and length to determine the timely replacement of the same parts should also be Check the various parts of the mold standard parts assembly how, the specific circumstances should be the appropriate replacement, to ensure that the process of using zero mistakes.

In short, for the maintenance of standard parts mold should do the above three points, and always keep its surface clean interior without waste, keep the fasteners securely fastened without loosening, and the lubrication effect should be followed, at the same time for some flexible parts and pressure Material discharge parts should also be promptly made inspection and replacement, to ensure the quality and excellent service of the mold standard parts of the safe and secure.

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