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What is The Function For The Flat Ejector Pins

Dec. 07, 2017

Ejector pins is a common plastic mold parts, is mainly used in the manufacture and repair of plastic molds, The thimble is an indispensable material, the thimble is also referred to as the putter, the middle needle and the pin, etc. The thimble can be divided into the round thimble and the flat thimble.The top of the round thimble is round, while the top of the professional flat thimble is conical, which makes the two thimbles have different functions.So what are the functions of a flat thimble at the top? 

Function 1: separate molds and products 

Plastic is a more viscous material, the better the viscosity will make the plastic mold easy to stick with the products in the mold, if there is no professional tools it is difficult to separate, and flat thimble is designed to separate the plastic mold and design Accessories, its tapered top design allows it to quickly and accurately complete the product peeled off. Separation of plastic molds and products is also one of the most common features of flat thimbles. 

Function 2: get through the slender hole of the mold or product 

Good quality flat thimble is usually made of better cemented carbide, commonly used cemented carbide materials such as tungsten steel. Flat tips made of these materials are harder and less prone to cracking. And the shape of the flat thimble is a thinner and longer needle-shaped, more suitable to open the plastic mold or product is blocked in the elongated hole. 

Function 3: supports the workpiece and turns it around itself 

The top of the lathe is sometimes referred to as a thimble. The tapered tip of the flat-headed thimble provides better support on the lathe and grinder, while supporting the workpiece while allowing the workpiece to rotate about itself. 

The main function of the flat thimble is to separate the mold and the product, to open up the hole and support the workpiece three, although it is only used to processing plastic mold parts, but because of its smaller size, so the production requires more energy, Production is more difficult. At the same time as the flat thimble processing requirements are more sophisticated, so the production of flat thimble on the market businesses to produce higher quality products.

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