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What Techniques Are Used For The Tejector Pins And Sleeves

Dec. 07, 2017

Many hardware fittings on the market now need to rely on professional thimble cylinder to complete.And the quality of the thimble is high precision and high strength characteristics, has been recognized in the market, the recognition is also gradually improved.This is a key part of the production of technology, and it is also an important part of the process of the thimble. According to the understanding, these three technologies include the following points. 

First, spark milling technology

Because of the intellectualization and automation of spark milling process, it can make full use of high-speed rotation to make multi-dimensional products.The high accuracy of the thimble can be made in this technique without the need for complex electrode circuits.This has led to a breakthrough in the processing of the thimble. 

Second, mould software technology

A new generation of the mold with the intelligent CAD software technology and manufacturing capability is very good and outstanding, this is a domain expert knowledge of theory and successful experience combined with advanced design concepts and technology.And thimble tube is used as a mold, so such good technology can on the structure and performance of the thimble division have make an accurate assessment, make its precision and accessories is much higher than the connection between the traditional production.

Third, high-speed milling technology 

The technology has the advantage of fast milling speed and high machining accuracy, which makes the surface of the cylinder is extremely smooth.High speed milling technology is far superior to the traditional production process in the small cutting force and the ability to process steel.Now this technology is slowly moving towards intelligentization and integration.

As you can see above, the most professional thimble cylinders are produced by the addition of these three technologies.It is precisely because of the full play of these three production techniques that it plays an important role in the processing field of the thimble and is an indispensable part.It is also because of their various qualities that make the quality of the thimble.

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